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Slip-on Flanges
The slip-on flange is the most common flange Class 150, 300, 600,1500 & 2500 up to 24″ NPS.We stock stainless grades F304/304L, 316/316L, F317/317L, F321, F347 and duplex grade 2205 ( in which they are “slipped over” the end(s) of pipe or the end(s) of a fitting, and welded in position. On the pipe or fitting, they are set so the inserted end of the pipe or fitting is set back to the wall plus 1/8” allowing for a fillet weld to be made inside the flange, and back (outside) of the flange is also welded with a fillet weld.
Slip-On flange also exists as a reduction where a larger slip-on flange blank is cut out to accommodate a smaller connection size. The slip-on reducing flange is used when reducing the line size in areas where there are space limitations.

Weld Neck Flanges:
Weld neck flanges are visually different from other flange types by their long tapered hub and smooth transition of thickness up to where the butt weld joins to a pipe or a fitting. A full penetration weld is utilized to connect it to the pipe or fitting. The tapered hub provides reinforcement, and the added length helps for resistance to dishing during the welding process. Weld neck flanges are typically used in severe service conditions, whether loading conditions are substantially constant or fluctuate between wide limits.

Socket Weld Flanges:
Socket Weld flange looks like a Slip-On flange, however the key difference is the Socket Weld flange is machined out to match a specific pipe size socket to take the pipe O.D. Once the pipe is set in place, the back side of the flange and pipe is fillet welded to finalize the connection. Socket weld flanges are primarily used to make flanged joints in the smaller bore pipe size ranges.

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